At breaking point

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At breaking point

Post by Kelviz » Thu Jul 08, 2021 4:31 pm

My children were placed in cp in November 2019 as they have various problems mainly autism and I was accused of neglect due to there needs this was proven to be nonsense with medical backing but the cp remained mainly due to my horrible health visitor long story shortthey we're removed in June 2020 and places on child in need which then ended in October of 2020 because the plan was clearly not working (no support offered at all in the 4 months and the new social worker agreed) I agreed to team around the family meetings as I though this would be a good way of all professionals being in one place at one time fast forward to this month and all is going ok apart from now the coordinator feels he cannot manage the meetings and his school work and would like to have a early help coordinater take over. I refused and said I would like thw meetings to stop as I didn't feel that they were working the way in which i thought they should and that this week would be the last one. Thw meeting went ahead unfortunately without me as I am not very well and can hardly speak and given the meetings are over the phone I felt I wouldn't be able to contribute. Today I received a call from my health visitor who advised me that professionals are "concerned" as my children have missed alot of school (7 people live in my house 5 children and 2 adults and due to covid testing) and have missed some appointments (none missed some rearranged) and my daughters eating (she refuses to chew and has been referred no appointment yet on waiting list) and her hair is thinning (nothing of the sort she pulled out her bobble and broke her thin hair at the front) and that she would be making a referral back to social services!! I am absoulutley livid that not only are they (the professionals) being over the top but are doing this just because I have asked for a VOLUNTARY service to stop and yet where do i stand legally? I have no way of being able to defend myself or prevent such things happening (referals) am I supposed to just lay down and take it? If I refuse to cooperate it will go to conference even though they have no reason to it's all a vicious circle that I cannot get out of and I'm becoming increasingly depressed because of the whole situation...

Can someone please offer me some legal advice and point me in the direction that will lead out of this neverending nightmare before I actually pack my bags with my kids and just move abroad out of this messed up country we live in 😭

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Re: At breaking point

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Sun Jul 18, 2021 8:41 pm

Dear Kelviz,

You say in your post that your children were placed on a child protection plan in November 2019 due to various problems, mainly pertaining to their autism and alleged neglect. You did not agree with this. The children were stepped down onto a child in need plan in June 2020, which ended in October 2020, because no support had been offered.

You agreed to team around the family meetings, which were led by a professional from school. The lead has now asked that an early-help co-ordinator take over, which you have refused, as you did not feel that the meetings were leading to any progress. A meeting was held in any case, which you felt unable to attend and contribute towards over the phone due to your communication needs.

You have since received a call from the health visitor who has expressed that professionals are concerned about your children’s school attendance, missed appointments and your daughter’s eating habits as well as her hair thinning, and that she will be making a referral to children’s services. You do not agree with any of these concerns.

You are frustrated by this and would like to know what your rights are. You do not feel that it is fair that a referral is being made and are concerned that it will lead to another child protection conference.

You are right in saying that working with professionals under a team around the family framework is voluntary, and of course, you are within your rights to withdraw your consent as you have done. Nevertheless, if the health visitor and other professionals have safeguarding concerns for your children – as she has listed – then there is a duty to report this to children’s services.

It is understandable that you are now worried and frustrated about what will happen next. I would advise that you ask for another team around the family meeting to be scheduled in a way that allows you to contribute, so that you can fully understand the concerns of the professionals and gain a better understanding of how they would like you to address these.

Children’s services may or may not choose to open an assessment based on the referral. If you would like to read more about the assessment process, you can look here. If an assessment is opened, it is always best to work effectively with the social worker, so that your family’s situation can be most accurately assessed. If you feel that concerns have been characterised unfairly, then this is also an opportunity to work with a social worker to evidence this. You can have a look here for more tips on getting the most out of working with a social worker.

If at any point during the assessment process, you think you or your family have been unfairly treated, you may want to consider making a formal complaint. Look here for more guidance.

I hope you have found this helpful.

Best wishes,


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