Charged with low lvl sexual offence

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Charged with low lvl sexual offence

Post by SidC » Fri Apr 23, 2021 1:11 pm

Hi all

Please be respectful

I have a court date on the 28th April for a low lvl sexual offence and 3 other charges I am wondering what I could expect from it.

6 yrs ago I put my younger step-daughter (YSD) into a nappy 1 time because she wanted to wear them and asked me too I bought her pampers size 6.5 and left it for her to putting them on if she wished after the first time, This was because my daughter found out that I wear them as I have a life style condition called Adult baby Syndrome. I wear them for stress relief as I am/was the Carer for my wife who has mental health issues and it helps to keep me relaxed when things are tough, it has nothing to do with kids, I have had this condition all my life, it is in no way a sexual thing. I didn’t intend on telling my YSD about it until she was older but she noticed I was wearing and I just told her. If she hadn’t asked I wouldn’t have bought them.

YSD is 15 now and my OSD is 21 and step son 18.

At the beginning of last yr my older step daughter (OSD) took a txt I sent her wrong and went to her CPN and told them everything (she knows about me too) they In turn went to social work and they got involved because my YSD must have told my OSD about the nappies.

When social work came out I explained to them that she wanted the nappies etc and they seemed happy with that, I know it was wrong to buy her them and should have said no.

On the 3rd of March police came to our house due to the IP address being flagged and checked our pcs but nothing was found. Due to this they did background checks and came back 6 weeks later and arrested me for 4 charges,

A sexual offence

which was putting my YSD in a nappy and they are trying to make it sexual because I sometimes look a women (adults only) wearing them. They say because I look at them and masturbate it must be sexual, but for me it isn’t. I have since realised that I don’t find the pictures sexual unless they turn it sexual by taking them off etc I use normal porn if I am looking for something as it helps me sleep. Sorry i had no other way to say that.

Telecommunications act for 1 txt.

The txt I sent my daughter that she took wrong. It was a continuation of a convseration we was having with my wife. I always txt’d my daughter about my AB side as she told me and even my wife she was happy i txt’d her about it.

2 charges on the children and young persons act.

One for giving my OSD a pull up cloth Nappy but this was because she had light bladder issues and I was offering her a solution for it and also giving her a dummy and baby bottle another time, I couldn’t remember this one (I heard it also confused my daughter) the only 1 Time I remember is giving her them for Halloween.

2nd charge is because I dressed up as a baby Infront of the kids (not very often) but I was always fully dressed and also alway checked the kids where ok with it as my whole family knows about it. The main reason I told the kids (when they found out) was so if they came to the living room at night and seen me the knew about it, I was trying to be open with my family,

All off this happened 2 to 6 yrs ago, I have never abused my kids, i don’t hit them or anything. I know prison isn’t a possibility and this is also my 1st time in 46 yrs in court and I am terrified,

My wife wants the court over and done with as even though I can’t talk to her at the moment we managed to get a week because the police messed up on if we could talk or not. So I am going to try get the 3 lower cases dropped and go no contest on the sexual offence because we won’t survive this if I can’t talk to her.

It’s also seems that social work have already been trying to get my wife to split up with me because she told her brother that she doesn’t know if we will survive this if the court stops me from talking to her for months (which is why we wouldn’t survive if it went to trial as that’s 6 months at least) and that she needs to put My YSD first (I agree but she knows I would never do anything) and if I get a on the sex offenders list she can’t allow me back, but SW told me they can do risk assessments after the court, which is different from what she was saying at the start of the month that she would stick by me even if jail was a option.

I have been removed from My home I am living with my father in law and I just don’t know what my life has in store now. The couple things I hope for is that maybe the court drops some or all the charges and give me minimal conditions. Just to say I have no interest in kids at all

Thanks for u time.


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Re: Charged with low lvl sexual offence

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:03 pm

Dear SidC

Welcome to the parents’ discussion board and thank you for your post.

My name is Suzie, online adviser at Family Rights Group. I see from your post that you have been charged with several criminal offences including of a sexual nature.

You ask what is likely to be the outcome for you going to court. Unfortunately, the remit of our service does not cover criminal matters. I am sure your solicitor will be able to advise you about what to expect in these cases.

As is usual in cases where children’s services are concerned about children and are doing an assessment of the family, the person (perpetrator) is asked to leave the home. This is understandably difficult for you and your wife. Unfortunately, you have not given an indication in your post about the assessment that children’s services are doing now. If it is considered that the children have suffered harm and are at risk of future significant harm it may be children’s services are conducting section 47 child protection enquiries.

Children’s services can carry out risk assessments, but this will depend on the outcome of their assessment, as well as, the outcome of the criminal case. You say that you are unlikely to receive to custodial sentence but there is the possibility of you being placed on the sex offenders’ register. This may lead to restrictions on you being with children under 18 unsupervised. It will also depend on the concerns about whether your wife is assessed to be a protective factor for the children.

Although you have stated you have no interest in children, you have been charged with offences of a sexual nature and you may find it helpful to contact the Lucy Faithfully Foundation on 0808 100 0900 for advice about your circumstances.

Should you wish to have more information about children’s services involvement you can visit our website. Here is a link to information relating to children’s services. ... -services/

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


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