Blogging about social workers

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Blogging about social workers

Post by Madeupusername » Thu Dec 31, 2020 8:29 pm

I've created a blog regarding my experience with my local authorities children's services. It was a rather negative experience.

I have used the social workers names. I am not being threatening. The blog is anonymous and I'm being very careful to protect my identity.

I am just writing events as they happened, stating what went wrong and who did what and providing evidence, redacted to protect my identity obviously.

Can they do anything to get the blog taken down? I don't think it's a violation of the blog providers TOS as while I use their names I can't see that it would violate their privacy as they are professionals and I only talk about my professional involvement with them.

It hasn't been indexed by Google yet but has been up for almost two weeks. The local authority and another organisation were aware straightaway as I sent them both the link. They know it's me but readers of the blog won't.

It's a very long story and it isn't a social worker hating blog, it's just my story but I have used names when I've felt it's in the public interest to do so. I'm also not harassing them or calling on others to harass. It's more of a 'this happened to us' blog where im staying things that happened from a parent's perspective.

Has anyone done this before? If so, did it get shut down? I am doing my best to be polite although inevitably some of the posts are emotional.

Many thanks

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Re: Blogging about social workers

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Sat Jan 23, 2021 5:41 pm

Dear madeupusername,

Welcome to the Parent’s Forum. My name is Suzie and I am FRG’s online adviser.
I am not able to answer your question about whether your blog can be taken down as this is beyond the remit of this board. However, you have done the right thing by notifying the local authority who can decide what action, if any, they want to take.
Kind regards,

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Re: Blogging about social workers

Post by Madeupusername » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:38 pm

Just thought I'd update.

4 months since my blog has been up now.

I imagine there have been many reports to the blog provider made. However, my blog breaks none of their terms of service. I've not been harassing anyone via the blog, just relating mine and my children's lived experiences.

I believe that complaints have been made to Google to remove search results, that hasn't worked either for the same reason.

Leader of the county council did threaten action a while back if I continued. I posted the email along with how much that would cost the public, only avenue would be defamation which is expensive. Received another email a week later stating he didn't mean they would take acton but they would consider it or something weird.

I've asked politely many times, including going into detail regarding the evidence they would need to provide to prove what I'm saying is not true to help them out and made sure they all have my address for legal action but nothing.

Tbe only things I've had problems with is not being able to go into detail regarding a lot of things. Each of my children iis just referred to as child with no ages or genders given or anything that could identify us. Any documents I post have personal information redacted.

So that is my own question answered by me.

You can write a blog regarding your experiences. They won't be happy about it, but as long as you keep to the truth I've managed to get my voice heard.

I have made a habit of notifying everyone who I mention with a link to that post. I've made freedom of information requests and when I publish those I link to them.

My point is that as service users who are parents we are second class citizens. We all wander around with a crack pipe in one hand and a bottle of neat vodka in the other according to social care. We have no voice, in my case my children also had no voice.

Many are not in a position to do what I've done and I do have further plans for the information I have. It's finding the time.

I would not recommend doing so during any child protection processes or if they are taking court action against you regarding your children or your children are in the child protection system at present at all.

Stating on a public blog during anything along those lines that the authority is corrupt will go against you and you likely won't be able to prove it at that time.

I'm fairly certain that even now people reading this are thinking I'm just a stupid service user, the LA actions were and still are exemplary. Hence why I post proof.

It's not a blog to bash social workers, it's a blog to get our voices heard.

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