Need some help

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Need some help

Postby Unknown1 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:11 am

Hi, I have a son who is 13, over the last 2 years I've been setting boundaries that any teenager don't like. My parents have never supported me when it cone to discipline with my son. He's got a girlfriend age 13, about 7 months ago I told him that he was. It aloud in his room with his girlfriend unless he has the door open, my parents agreed when I turned to them for advice. He went over my parents because he wasn't happy and said I don't trust him and believe him that him and his girlfriend wernt having sex. My parents believed him and he has always got away with everything with them and has his own way. Recently his girlfriend has gone to my parents. I go and see my son every night even if it's just to say goodnight to him. They were both in his bedroom at my parents house with the door closed and locked. I was furious that they let this happen and challenged them both and my parents about it. My parents disagreed and said there is no way my son was having sex, it took my son a while to answer the door to me . I have been in touch with this family support organisation for help, my parents would not engage with this organisation saying that my son is a good boy and that they don't need any parental skills to look after him. So I didn't have no choice as I've been bateling with my parents for months about putting boundaries and consequences in place for my son for his safety and wellbeing. I rang social services to explain my concerns, that I'm sure my son and his girlfriend are having sex and that my parents are putting him the position to let it happen and that it's not right. They got in touch with my parents and now have agreed to engage with this family organisation. My man came over tonight and said that I was in the wrong and that I am messing with my son's head. My son is angry with me because I went to this organisation for help, saying he don't want me in his life anymore. I'm worried that they are brain washing him and that they just can't see that I am doing all of this for my son and trying to be the best mum I can be. Any advice on this please would be appreciated. Thank you

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