Will I see my children again and will social services take our baby

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Will I see my children again and will social services take our baby

Post by The_E » Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:36 pm

hi All,
I was continually being restricted access to see my daughter for about 4 years so decided to go to court to get access. I found out I needed to go to mediation first and booked an appointment. My ex wife heard through my parents, who were trying to scare her, then she subsequently made a false allegation that me and my son, my daughters half brother, had touched her indecently. She did this a day before my appointment at mediation and the alleged incident took place a week after I had booked. I have videos of my daughter which I took to gather evidence if I needed to go to court for custody. My ex wife alleges I touched my daughter indecently an hour after I took this video.
I am remarried and my current wife has two children. Social services have come and made an assessment, questioned me, my wife and her children all individually. They said that everything is fine and normal in their report, but said because my wife believes my innocence, her ability to protect her children is questionable. They told me I must move out of the house and have no contact with her kids until the end of the police and social services investigations are complete or they will take further action(which I’m presuming is removal of my wife’s children). They have contacted everyone informing them of the allegations, my wife, her kids, doctors, school, my wife’s ex husband, everyone. I am yet to be contacted by the police and neither the social services nor the police have seen any of my evidence nor have they accepted to even look at it. My wife is expecting in 3 months and the social services asked to due date and which hospital we’re planning to have the baby.

My first wife took my house and kids and lives with them abroad, my second wife will not let me see my daughter and has made false allegations, and the baby I’m waiting for is already being planned to be taken away from social services. All I ever wanted was to be an equal parent and get to spend time with my flesh and blood. I took all the correct steps in order to do this. I never used foul language or violence in the face of these extremely difficult times and provocations. Mediation broke down because of the allegations, so I subsequently filed a c100 and am waiting for a response to go to court. I’m now home alone looking at four walls wondering if I will ever be able to have any of my children in my arms where they belong. It is extremely distressing and don’t know what to do. Every solicitor I speak to says I’m doing the right thing and im paying up to £200 an hour to hear that and I’m running out of time and money fast.

Please tell me something that will help I’m dying here!

Sorry for the length.

A caring, loving dad .....E

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Re: Will I see my children again and will social services take our baby

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:07 pm

Dear The_E,

Welcome to the Parents Forum.

I am sorry to hear that you are not having any contact with your children. I can see how distressing this must be.

The police and children services are involved with your families due to an allegation that you indecently assaulted your daughter.
Because of the allegation, you have been asked to move out from your new partner’s home and told you cannot have contact with her 2 children. Your new partner is pregnant with your child.

The police and children services will not know what the truth is until they have completed their investigations. So, this is why you have been asked to move out of the family home and not have contact with your partner’s children. In case you are a sexual risk to her children. You will not be allowed contact with your daughter at this time either, in case her evidence to the police is effected.

Once the investigations are completed, children services will be able to advise whether you can move back into the home. Ask the social worker about timescales. Assessments usually take up to 9 weeks. However, children services will need to wait for the outcome of the criminal proceedings which may take longer.

As your wife is pregnant with your baby, there will also be pre- birth assessment as well.
As you are father to your unborn baby, you should be able to see a copy of the pre-birth assessment and take part in any meetings such as “child in need” or “child protection” meetings that take place in relation to your unborn baby. See our FAQ’s for fathers .

I suggest you contact the Just stop it now advice line on 0808 100 900 or look at the Parents Protect website to find out about safety plans and support available to you and your family.

Families Need Fathers can advice about the child arrangements order application.

I hope your situation gets resolved soon.

Please post again if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

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