Social services advice

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Social services advice

Post by Stepmonster » Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:03 pm

Hi everyone,
Hoping for some advice, please. My partner was arrested in March 2019 for attempted online grooming. Social services became involved but I was authorised to supervise contact, including overnights. However, they then went back on overnights (after around 3 months) and said the children couldn’t stay with us overnight. Last week, the police investigation ended with “no further action” so there has been no charge etc, but we have been referred back to social services for them to reassess. They have a further concern as, on digital forensic examination of my partner’s devices, they found that he has watched a video of “daddy/daughter” on a porn site (no underage people involved, and as part of a much bigger collection of porn videos viewed), so are still saying they will insist on supervised contact, and were yet to see whether we will be allowed overnight visits back yet. They’ve been to visit the children’a Mum, but haven’t been to see me yet, so I might be jumping the gun but I want to be as clued up on our rights as possible. At the moment, I’m going to collect the children every Saturday morning, returning the to their mums house on Saturday evening, then repeating on Sunday. It’s taking its toll on all of us and we’re keen to get a level of normality back.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks xx

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Re: Social services advice

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:28 am

Dear Stepmonster,

Welcome back to the Parent’s Forum.

You must be relieved that the police have dropped the charged against your partner. It is normal that children services will re-assess in light of the police’s decision and the information gained from the digital forensic examination of your partner’s computer devices.

What is mums position about the children staying overnight? That will be relevant as she may not agree.

Children services will need to re- assess your partner’s risk to his children. Whereas before, they did not know what would come up on the computers and whether the police would prosecute, so had to assume the worse about your partner, (that he could sexually abuse his own children) now they have a much better idea of the situation.

It is probably easier for them to say that dad continues to have supervises contact. But I don’t think this would be fair. Your partner should insist on being properly re assessed in light of the police’s decision. Please see my last post to you which links to assessments. Your ability to continue to protect should also be re- assessed.

A specialist forensic assessment of your partner may be needed. Just stop it now on 0808 100 900 can also advise about what to expect.
Parents Protect website outlines safety planning and courses about risks where sexual abuse that might be helpful.

Best wishes,

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