Remove my husband from SGO

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Remove my husband from SGO

Post by MDL22 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:21 pm

Hi thank you very much for accepting me. I am trying to find an answer to my question.i have contacted social workers and my solicitor and they are giving me conflicting answers.
I have custody of my 9 year old granddaughter, she is my daughters little girl, she was removed from my daughters care last July 2019 and me and my husband (my children's step dad) was given SGO for her December which was through the choice of the social workers and best for my granddaughter. My daughter is not in a position to look after her and hasn't made 1 visit since October 2019 but kind of keeps in contact sometimes through granddaughter phone with texts, my granddaughter won't speak to her on the phone or facetime. We are constantly encouraging her to have a relationship with her mother but she hates the phone. We are 300 miles away from her mother and have offered her to visit but its never happened and then we are accused of keeping her away. She has people that can drive her here however we made it clear we couldn't take my granddaughter to her because of the environment she lives in.
I had a stroke 7 years ago and I am disabled on one of my sides and my speech didn't fully return. we all live in a big house with my other daughter, her husband and 3 children and all 4 children have an amazing bond and they love living together. Me and my husband have amicably separated and he has moved out and we are both happy with our decision. The social worker feels its absolutely fine as the care of my granddaughter hasn't changed but has told us to remove my husband off the sgo so that we do not have to ask permission from him if we took her on holiday etc and my husband is happy for this to happen as he will still be grandad to all children however we cannot find out how to do this? The solicitor said write a letter to the court to revoke his name off the order, someone has said to fill in a form. Does anyone have a definitive answer please or can guide me in the correct direction as we would like to do this ASAP. Thank you kindly

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