Family being kept apart based on lies

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Family being kept apart based on lies

Post by Jda2k20 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 7:14 pm

Hi I'm hoping for some advice ...this is hard for me to talk about but here we go,
I was in a relationship with my ex for almost 10 years and in that time although I didnt really realise it I was in a controlling relationship where I was told what to do I was put down and I was made to feel like I could never do better ...that's just a snippet ...long story short I stayed because I had 2 children with my ex and I knew she would make it difficult for me to see them! back in January I decided enough was enough and I left ...not completely innocent I did start a relationship with another woman after leaving fairly quickly ex didnt like it and soon she started to make things difficult....I was the kids sole career for the last 6 years and had them everyday ex wanted this to continue but I had to go into full time work (self employed) so I could support myself and the kids ex didnt want this then used lockdown as a reason for me not to see the children even though she let them go to her mothers all the time ...she would constantly ask if we could meet to discuss things but following the break up we would argue alot because I refused to be controlled by her and bend to her will anymore so I wanted nothing to do with her unless it was about the children but this was not good enough for her and even when lockdown eased she would make up excuses for me not seeing the kids .....I'm currently in the middle of court for access and my new partner though fell in love moved in together and the relationship is amazing we respect love and support each other like couples are supposed too ....she had been in abusive relationships in the past and so had I so we know how we want to be treated and are all the more better for having each other to most we are the sort of couple people would need a sick bucket around because we really are made for each other she has 3 boys I have a boy and a girl and we are now expecting our first child together so it's going to be a big family ex however has done everything she can to ruin this most recently making up false accusations about me which I swear are not true and have been NFA by the police but social services asked me to leave the property until these allegations were looked at by the police which i did and now seems that even though the police have cleared me they are now using my Fiances history of domesticity abusive relationships against us ...they are judging us as a couple but not letting us be a couple for them to judge ...they have spoken to her kids who I have an amazing bond with the oldest being 15 and saying nothing but good things ...I've never been in trouble for anything like this ever before ....I'm no risk to them the social worker has spoken to me and agrees I'm no threat to them or my partner but they still wont let me home so we can enjoy the pregnancy and be a happy healthy family again this is stressful to my partner shes losing sleep over it which is no good for her or the baby we just want things back to normal or just a chance for Social to see us as a family and make their decisions based on that, we've told them turn up unannounced as much as they want we have nothing to hide we just want what we both deserve and that's a happy ever after ...if anyone has any advice on this I know it's not a great deal to go on but it's a snippet of what we have going on it would be so greatly appreciated:)

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Re: Family being kept apart based on lies

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:18 am

Dear jda 2k20,

I am Suzie, Family Rights Group online adviser.

I can see that you are a parent who is struggling to get support from children services.
I am sorry that I cannot advise you on this forum as it is for friends and family carers.

Instead, I suggest that you post on our Parent’s Forum where I will provide you with advice. You might also get advice and support from other parents.

You can register for the Parents Forum here.

Best wishes,

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