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How are families dealing with remote court hearings? Have your say.

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:18 pm
by Suzie, FRG Adviser
It is clear that the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the greatest catastrophes we will ever face. However, for families who are involved in court proceedings we are only just beginning to see the potential devastation the current situation has created.

Family Rights Group is working with the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory who are undertaking a new consultation into the current practice of conducting court hearings remotely by using technology, including telephones.

The research team have been approached by many professionals to give their views on this issue. However, they need to hear from family members who are experts by their experience about how this is affecting you.

Do you believe that you are being given the opportunity to properly engage in the process that could have such a significant impact on your family life?

If you are a parent or family member in this situation, who has had experience of these hearings and wants to take the opportunity to express yourself please do complete this important survey at: ... e-hearings as soon as possible as the survey will be closed on 28th April 2020.

The results of this consultation are going to the President of the Family Division Sir Andrew McFarlane who will be working on guidelines to be issued hopefully in May 2020.

Thank you.