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Post by MandyLou » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:16 pm

I just need to rant. It is BM's birthday today.
We last heard from her just before Christmas when she thanked us for what we had sent her and then informed us she had no money so wasn't going to send the little one anything - not even a card.
That was only a couple of months after she didn't send him anything for his birthday - again not even a card. He is 2, and she last saw him over 7 months ago (her choice).

So today we heard from her before 10am (she must have crawled out of her bed especially to see what the postman had brought) and her message was a load of abuse about how awful it was that she didn't have a birthday card from her son.

For a moment there I almost felt sorry for her. Almost. We have been up to our eyes delaing with the usual day to day issues that a 2 year old creates and to be honest we had only thought about her birthday a few days ago. We decided if she could not be bothered to send him anything for birthdays and Christmas, we would not send a birthday card from him until he is old enough to understand and then it would be his choice.

In her head, it is still all about her and not about the little one. Wonder if she has had a go at children's services if she didn't get anything from her other child either......

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Robin D
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Re: Ranting

Post by Robin D » Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:18 pm

Hope the rant helped? ;)

Unfortunately, this is par for the course. At some point in the future, and when she is calm enough, you might just point out that the only people who deserve to have birthdays remembered are the children. As adults, most of us would rather forget them as they mark the relentless passage of time!
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