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Education information/advice for kin-carers on FRG website

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:42 am
by David Roth
Family Rights Group has now placecd on its website a section specifically for providing information about education matter for family and friends carers.

If you go to the section of the website, you will find there are links to information about: Key information about the education system; Early years and pre-school education; Choosing a school and getting a place; Working in partnership with the school; Getting help for a child with Special Educational Needs (and Disability); What happens if a child does not attend school; What happens if a child is excluded from school; Help with Further and Higher Education; Where to get further information.

If you follow one of these links, you will find there are several further webpages providing you with more detailed information about the topic.

This is the link to the education matters section of the FRG website: ... nds-carers

If you read any of these webpages and you have any further queries, please come back and post them in this thread, or in this folder. I hope you can find the information useful in making important decisions about the education of the children you are all raising.