Better news at last(i think)

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Better news at last(i think)

Post by peggytoof » Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:48 am

Hi guys,last week our SW met with our niece's SW & after some discussion they agreed that F&F fostering IS the way to go at this point leading to SGO later on.We feel much happier about this as this means we will get all the help/training we may need.Not having had kids of our own we felt that we wanted the option of help/training,we may not need it,but wanted it there just in case.Our CRB's both came back clear (no suprise there)we have contacted our local fire station & are waiting for them to set up a home fire check.We have to ring our GP & set up an appointment for a full health check.We have another meeting with both SW's this Thursday to set up more regular contact & to discuss the care plan of our niece.Anyway it all seems to be moving in the right direction allbeit slowly.Thanks to everyone for listening & all your helpful comments.Will update you all as soon as i know more.kind regards Peggytoof x

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Re: Better news at last(i think)

Post by David Roth » Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:11 am

That's good news, peggytoof — it sounds as if you have been listened to. It sounds as if the social workers on the case are agreeing to a plan that will provide the best support for the child's placement with you.

We do too often hear about cases where carers tell us that the social worker is insisting they should apply for RO or SGO straight away. The focus seems to be on minimising the support they will have to provide to the placement. In your case, it sounds as if they are willing to let you progress to SGO at the point when you and your niece are ready for it.

You are right to be prepared for the possibility you might need some training or advice. Children going into family and friends carers often do come with a bit of baggage, particularly if they have had some difficult experiences. Your niece might act out a bit when she comes to you, or she might go through a 'honeymoon period' of being well behaved before she tried to test you out. Good social work support can be very helpful with managing this.
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