BM applying to court to revoke SGO but she is in a DV relationship

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BM applying to court to revoke SGO but she is in a DV relationship

Post by PLA4 » Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:19 pm

I am so worried my daughter is refusing contact as she says she has applied to court to get the SGO revoked because I found out she was back in a DV relationship with her babys father I stopped my grandchildren staying overnight at her home. She sends the children letters, they are 8 &9, saying it wont be long now and you will be living with mummy. She says her social worker is helping her, she was on child protection but now child in need, but I have heard nothing from them. Last week she made a hoax call to the nspcc saying i neglect the children but the sw from the mash team has closed the case as i explained what's going on with my daughter. She went from CP to CIN with her baby during lockdown when no visits were being done only video calls and meetings. Should I try to contact her social worker i only know her 1st name and the LA she works in.
He was convicted of assault and battery against her in october 2018. When police interviewed my grandson they asked have u ever seen p hurt mummy before? He said yes a few months ago, I said y did u not tell nanny, my grandson replied' mummy told me not to'. From then on my daughters contact was only supervised by me. She became pregnant and in august 2019 when she was 7 months pregnant he fractured her jaw in the shopping centre however he got off saying it was self defence as she poked him in the eye. She went to a womens refuge on that day 60 miles away and has been claiming to make a new start. She was offered a 2 bed flat in February 2020. I allowed the children to stay overnight a few times, in hindsight I made a mistake doing that. On 29th march 2020 she seemed to have a black eye, i asked her about it but she dismissed it saying her makeup had smudged, that was the first sign. Next time i went to her home to collect the children, her neighbour came in asking where p was and where his children were, he has 2 daughters with unusual names so it could not be anyone else.
How would she have to go about trying to get the children bk?

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