Need advice regarding a CP matter with relative

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Need advice regarding a CP matter with relative

Post by Savvi » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:29 pm

Hi I'm not sure where to start what to write.
I'm in need of some advice and guidance I guess, I currently have custody of my nephew whom I have under a s20 agreement, I have had him since he was 26days old, he was given to me after a HV noticed a mark on his unpper chest (this looked like a scram mark to me as it was gone before the end of the day) but he when for the tests all came clear except the skeletal showed 2 fracture ribs and a ankle injury, ribs date to when he was just 6 days old ankle dates to the day he was born, both my sister and her partner state they never injured their baby, I'm inclined to believe them, (his parents did have LO all day over the course of days that the ribs injuries date to) as a lot if things don't seem to add up, as he never seemed in pain or uncomfortable no bruising nothing he was your normal baby, I visited everyday and never noticed anything out of the ordinary, I'm very alert when it comes to things like that regardless of whom child it is.
The peaditrian states that there would be limited bruising if any but the way he described the only way they could have been done I imagine there would be bruising(he said someone would have had to hold him up and squeeze with hand on his back thump on the front). I have raised 3 children of my own and worked in various nurseries(not with babys but toddleers) and children bruise easy in my opinion so that action on a 6 day old baby should surely leave bruising? They also state he had a torn frenulum caused by being force fed a bottle, again don't sound right as teats are designed not to cause damage, but during the hospital checks when then claim he had this torn frenulum he had 7 bottles and guzzled everyone of them the peaditrician states he wouldn't want to eat as it be to painful? But he did and nursing staff at the time stated he fed really well, even one staff at the time disagreed that his tongue was injured.
Her solicitor doesn't seem that bothered even though they are from the best law firm in the country recommended by many top family rights groups, I don't know where to go from here I don't want my sister to lose her baby for something she didn't do, but I'm not sure what to advise her on either, nothing adds up and every avenue is shut down professional, my sister had OC during pregnancy and a server VIT D deficiency but all professional ie pead, social, radiologist all state he wouldn't have been born enough of a deficiency to effect the Labour or often dispute being very jaundice. *labour fact, was first time baby and was born 3 days before due date and waters when she was fully dilated and had her baby within 1hr 50m after waters broke, midwife stated he was actually retracting back into the uterus as she was pushing ***
Sorry it's an essay I wanted to give as much as I could to get the most accurate advice back.

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Re: Need advice regarding a CP matter with relative

Post by Savvi » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:31 pm

By his parents I mean LO dads parent what him over the course of 2 days

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Re: Need advice regarding a CP matter with relative

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:05 am

Dear Savvi

Thank you for your post and welcome to the family and friends carers discussion forum.

From your post you are concerned about the injuries suffered by your sister’s child who is still very young. You say that the child had no bruising although injuries of fractures was found on his ribs and ankle. Whilst it is possible that there may be bruising when injuries occur no one seemed to be aware from what you say that the baby was injured. Perhaps when the injuries occurred the baby cried in pain but was simply comforted by whoever was looking after him.

It is good that you are able to look after him whilst children’s services carry out their investigations. It is not clear from your post whether they have actually initiated care proceedings in respect of the baby because of the injuries that he has sustained. Unfortunately, no one is able to give an explanation of how the injuries occurred so, his parents and anyone else looking after him when the injuries are said to have occurred will be in what is called ‘the pool of perpetrators’ as it is likely that anyone of those persons could have caused the injury.

There was a mark on the baby’s chest which, I suppose, could not be explained so the health visitor made the appropriate referral to children’s services.

Please read our advice sheet about Child protection procedures for more information as you are seeking advice in relation to a child protection matter.

You are suggesting different things that might have led to the baby suffering the injury for example, vitamin D deficiency; the fact that your sister had OC in pregnancy. None of these are considered to be responsible for the injuries. I can understand that you do not think your sister would have harmed her baby and do not want her to lose the baby for something ‘she didn’t do’. Unfortunately, the baby was hurt and there has to be an explanation or if no explanation it will be considered to be a non-accidental injury.

Your sister has a solicitor who you believe is not bothered. I am not sure why you believe this to be the case. The solicitor will work on the basis of the instructions given by your sister and the evidence. If your sister has concerns regarding her solicitor it would help if she discussed these with the solicitor.

I am including here a copy of our advice sheetCare (and related) proceedings which gives information relating to care proceedings which I think may provide relevant information should there be an ongoing court case.

If the matter is in court I am not sure there is very much you can do except perhaps to put yourself forward to be assessed as a long term carer for the baby if he cannot be returned to your sister, or his father or his family. I would suggest that you take a neutral stance in respect of the injuries the baby has suffered since you cannot know with any certainty how these injuries occurred or who might have caused them.

Since your sister has a solicitor it will be for him or her to ensure that all other possible explanations be explored to establish that your sister is unlikely to have caused the injury. In a baby so young, he has, you say been with you since he was 26 days old, an explanation for his injuries has to be considered he would not have been able to move independently to have a fall or anything like that so it is important to find out what happened. The court may have to look at this in what is described as a fact finding hearing. Your sister’s solicitor will be able to explain more about this.

Should you wish to speak more to an adviser about the situation you can telephone our advice line on 0808 801 0366. The advice line is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3pm.

Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


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