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FRG advisers and moderator

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Esme- our moderator

These boards are moderated by a member of FRG’s advice and advocacy team posting under the name of Esme. Esme’s will check the boards between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Outside of these hours, FRG will respond to any specific ‘report now’ alerts sent to us about posts.

We would like the discussion boards to be a place where carers can get advice and support from each other and to share their experiences. Esme’s role is to oversee the discussion boards, to ensure that they are providing a useful and appropriate service and to support them to develop and grow.

Esme will edit/remove threads or posts that breach any of our rules or that would cause offence to someone else. Esme will always have a good reason for editing a thread/post and will notify the original poster by personal message with our reason for doing so. A post/ thread will not be edited simply because FRG has a different opinion. If a thread/post is deleted, it is not appropriate to restart that thread or to start another thread about it.

Esme might also move a thread to a different section of the board if she thinks it can get a better response/support elsewhere. If you are unsure as to where to post, please post a new thread in this section and we will move it to the most appropriate board.

Esme will sometimes start new threads to draw user’s attention to relevant news stories or other developments and to invite users’ comments and views.

Esme will offer support and encouragement to users where appropriate including signposting to relevant organisations and other sources of additional support. Esme will also make sure that Suzie, our online adviser is aware of posts which need legal or social work practice advice.

Suzie- our adviser

All of Family Rights Group’s online advisers will post under the same name, Suzie. The reason we do this is so both we and forum users can easily identify an FRG response and know that we are involved in that thread.

The advisers at FRG are experts in the laws relating to Children’s Services (CS), which used to be known as Social Services. If there is a question that is outside of our area of expertise we will signpost you to a relevant organisation that could help.

The role of the advisers on this discussion board is primarily to provide legal advice and practical guidance on what to expect when social workers are involved. Advisers will also clarify any misinformation that appears in the thread e.g. where there is a post that states something that is legally incorrect.