Inappropriate Treatment

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Inappropriate Treatment

Post by Nannygems » Fri May 11, 2018 6:54 pm

My daughters 4 children are in long term care. We have now taken on a new solicitor to fight for their return to their parents as there was so many inaccuracies during the court case.
That apart my main worry now is the 2 older boys, they are both profoundly deaf and also have other problems. 1 also has schizophrenia and the other is autistic. They are in a care home together while the 2 younger are in individual foster care.
I am very concerned about the way eldest as their treatment from their social worker and the home is much to be desired. 2 weeks ago I wrote to their social worker with concerns. The eldest 17 visits me every weekend as we have a very close bond, I asked how his brother was and he said he's still in bed. This was at 12-30 and bearing in mind he is also autistic and 14 yes old, he also relayed that he had not even had breakfast. With this I though I would email their social worker that I really do get on with, and told her my concerns regarding this. Also that he goes out very little and stays in his room all day most days. Her reply was to attack what the eldest had told me, saying if the child wants to stay in his room that's up to him he is allowed to do what he wants.
I was very shocked at this because this is not good for him , yes he keeps himself to himself always has but he is not being motivated at all. He also has a full beard his hair has not been cut he is just being allowed to do anything. I understand their concerns and maybe fear of upsetting him as if he's provoked he will get aggressive, but this is no excuse to just leave him to it. He's a lovely boy and I know he is not happy being in care and away from home and what he's used to even though he's been in care 13 month.
Also the oldest boy 17 whose schizophrenic is also very unhappy. He has had lots of issues and can behave oddly at times but he's quite lonely and hasn't any friends. He gets blamed for lying about what's happening at the care home and I'm aware of this, but I know when he lies and when he's not.
My daughter was at a meeting at their school today when the social worker was extremely negative about the older boys. She said it is his responsibility to make sure he takes his medication (although it's in a locked cupboard ) and that he has to take responsibility for himself at his age.
I do not exaggerate and yes he does have to act as little more responsible, but these 2 boys are not just deaf they both have mental health problems and are clearly not coping in a care home. They get no love shown to them whatsoever they are just existing and this is in no way right. They only have 4 contact visits a year now with their parents and 6 with all siblings together. None of the children see any wider family and for no reason at all apart from nobody could help taking any of them in. The only contact the eldest have with anyone is with me as and when and their parents 4 times a year.
Please what can we do as we are fighting a losing battle and are just hitting brick walls .

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Re: Inappropriate Treatment

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed May 16, 2018 12:09 pm

Dear nannygems,

I can see that you are worried about the level of care your grandsons are receiving and you understandably raised your concerns with their social worker.
However, you were disappointed by her response. She referred to the ages of the children and how they can make their own decisions. Yes, they are moving towards independence but given their needs what other support should be put into place.

What do your grandchildren want? Do they have access to advocates who can support their mental health needs and their hearing loss?

Your grandchildren should have regular assessments and input from health stating how their assessed health needs will be met and the support will be detailed and discussed at the looked after children reviews (LAC).

As well as the social worker you could raise your concerns with the Independent reviewing officer who manages the children’s cases via the looked after children (LAC) review system.
Here is some information about independent reviewing officers (IRO) .

You could always speak to organisations who are specialists on mental health.
Young Minds advises about support for children with mental health conditions.
Rethink are a mental health charity who can advise about mental health support for when he turns 18.

Your 17 year old grandson is eligible for support under the Leaving care act as an “eligible” child including a personal adviser and pathway plan detailing support until he is 25.
See Support for young people leaving the care system.

In respect of support for your younger grandson, the National Autistic Society can advise about support he should be given to help him move towards independence.

You mentioned how contact has not been happening with other relatives of the boys. Here is our advice sheet about Contact with children in care .
It sets out the law about how contact should be promoted between children in care and relatives unless it is not reasonably practicable or consistent with the child’s welfare. So concerted efforts should be made to do this. Can the relatives put themselves forward to the social worker and ask that an assessment takes place? Any requests for assessments can be considered at the looked after children (LAC) reviews.
The advice sheet (pages 8 and 9) also lists useful research and government guidance that you could refer to, about the importance for children in care of maintaining contact with family and friends.

I hope this advice helps. If you have any further questions please post back.

Best wishes,


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