Child in care with special needs

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Child in care with special needs

Post by April » Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:20 pm

I have a grandson, five and half years old, who is in care. His school has him isolated from other children all day, including breakfast and after school clubs. This has been the case for two months now. He is being taught but not allowed to mix with other children because of his aggressive behaviour. We do not see this behaviour when on contact visits. However, the blame is being put on my daughter, a recovering alcoholic, and her partner who has since left. Their relationship was often violent because of his reaction to my daughter's drinking and the fact that he also drank and took drugs. I am very concerned about this little boy and want to do anything to help. He is in emergency foster care at the moment with every possibility that he goes into permanent foster care and later adoption. I am not able to care for him myself but I want to explore kinship caring.

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Re: Child in care with special needs

Post by David Roth » Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:55 am

You could suggest that the local authority arranges a Family Group Conference.

This is a meeting that is led by the family, not by social workers, where the family gets together and makes its own plan for managing this problem, and the local authority puts in the requested support (within reason). It could include discussing who in the family would be best placed to take the child in and care for him, if that's what is needed. It could also include other family members, like yourself, doing what they could to help out, if you couldn't be the one to bring him up.

You can read more about Family Group Conferences in this part of our website: ... onferences
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