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Really need help and advice

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:36 am
by LouLou29
This is my first time posting here so feeling v nervous. And really don’t want any hate just help. It’s quite long so bare with me.. in 2015 I met my partner, I had 2 children from a previous DV relationship. My daughter 4 at the time had an accident where she fell from her bed (top bunk) she had slight bruising to her face, she was absolutely fine. My ‘friend’ cared for her a few days later as I had an appointment. I arrived home to my partner and my son and next thing we were both arrested on suspicion of harming my daughter. Cut a long story short my friend had called the police and accused my partner of hitting her! Well this went to trial and it was all out of control. My kids went to live with the abusive father and there was nothing I could do. My partner in fact was found guilty of this without no evidence, literally nothing. My world has fallen apart but I carried on for my children. My daughter even told social services he didn’t do it but they chose to ignore her. I stood by him because I knew 100% he didn’t do it. Anyway after a long battle I was allowed to see my children and was eventually signed off from ss. I had them every week for dinner and to spend time with them. There father then decided to stop contact last year. No reason other than my children loved to see me. Fast forward to now and I’m still with my partner. We have a lovely home, he has his own business, I work full time, we do have a good life. But now I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and I’m scared to death with what will happen.. will they take my baby? I can’t go through losing another child. Is there anything we can do to prove we would be the best parents? Any help or advice would really be appreciative. Thankyou!