Discharging care order

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Discharging care order

Post by Nannygems » Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:28 pm

To follow on from previous topics.
We are going to try to get a solicitor different from the last one. The reason is we've found one that does BSL which will be far better. We just have a problem of finding an Advocate for my daughter and her husband, one that has knowledge of deaf culture or disabilities. We have tried some of the major societies without success . If you could point me in the right direction please.
When the boys were taken we had tried to get through to social services that we had concerns of other disabilities within the family. Since they were taken there have been assessments done and the father had tests.
The father is confirmed as having Wardenburghs Syndrome and awaiting checks for autism.
The eldest boy now 18 was diagnosed schizophrenic and is also having tests done for Wardenburghs Syndrome.
The 2nd eldest was confirmed Autistic.
We have now asked for the 2nd eldest and the 2 youngest to also be tested for Wardenburghs Syndrome.
We did go for genetics counselling when the eldest was born, but nobody ever continued to investigate.
When the problems started we asked continually for the boys to be checked and what our concerns were. They just put everything down to bad parenting all the time. Granted the home did get stressful at times , but considering both parents and the eldest 2 boys are also deaf it is little wonder problems came about. Yes it was difficult for the 2 CODA boys as it affected them. But if the assessments and listening to the family and what we said the problems were then there would have been no necessity for what happened.
We've asked for discharging of the care order ,but they won't agree. This is wrong and has been from the start. The parents have done everything they've been asked to do and have even put themselves through parenting classes recently to prove themselves.
I know you are all perhaps social workers, but I would like to ask for any help you could suggest to get the children home.
Each boy is in a different placement and I think that is very unfair.They only have 6 sibling contacts per year and the parents only have 4. My daughter is suffering dreadfully it's been 20 months ,she still wakes up each night crying thinking her youngest is calling her.
This may not matter to social services but they were wrong not listening to what the parents told them and we're classed bad parents. So wrong.

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Re: Discharging care order

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:23 pm

Dear Nannygems

Thank you for posting again.

I see that your grandchildren being in long term foster care is still very difficult for you and the parents and you have all decided that an application to discharge the care order should be made now.

It is possible to apply to discharge a care order even if the local authority does not agree. However, it is very important when making this application that the parents from whom the children were removed can show with evidence that there have been significant changes made in relation to the concerns that existed at the time the care order was made. In order to ensure that the issues have been dealt with it would be necessary to read the judgement in the case to ensure that the things identified as concerns by the court as the reason why the children could not return home have been addressed.

You say the parents are both deaf; I do not know how this may have impacted on their ability to safely care for the children. This is something they cannot change although you say they have completed courses since the care order was made. I cannot say whether this would be enough to satisfy the court but if there is evidence then this can be provided to the court.

The fact that diagnoses have been made in respect of the children’s father and three of the children might mean that with appropriate support to meet their needs the parents might be able to better care for them. This would be a matter for the court to consider.
I can understand why you say that if the authorities had listened to requests for assessments and support then things would not have deteriorated to the point where the children were removed. They were removed because it was thought they were not being appropriately cared for which was probably considered emotionally damaging for all the children.

You say the father has mental health issues and so does your 18 year old grandchild. The fact that the children’s mother is still crying so much might suggest that she needs to see her GP to get some support for herself so that she does not become unwell.
Our advice sheet Reuniting children in the care system with their families gives information that you may find this helpful.

Regarding specific help you and the parents might be able to access for more information you may wish to contact the British Deaf Association on 020 7697 4140 ; Deaf Parents UK. The Royal Association for Deaf People might be able to assist with advocates to help the parents. I have included telephone numbers Text Phone: 0300 688 2527, SMS: 07525 234 783. National Deaf Services Child and Family Team may be able to offer assistance in respect of mental health issues. You can also try SignHealth el: 020 3947 2600, SMS: 07966 976 749

Both you and the parents will need to under that making an application to discharge a care order can be difficult as the children are now settled in the placements and the court will only discharge a care order where it is in the children’s interests to do so.

Please also remember that the local authority and the children’s guardian will be parties to the application and will be able to attend court to give their views on the application to discharge the care order.

I hope this information is helpful but if you would like to speak to an adviser you can telephone our advice line on 0808 801 0366. The advice line is open from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

Best wishes


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Re: Discharging care order

Post by Nannygems » Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:30 pm

Thank you for the advice.

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