FGC survey 2018

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FGC survey 2018

Post by rachida@FRG » Mon May 21, 2018 11:07 am

Family Rights Group is now undertaking an important survey of FGC services. Please fill in a survey for each FGC service for which you are responsible (e.g. if you run an FGC service in 2 local authorities please fill in 2 surveys).

Your response will be critical in:

- Influencing the effectiveness of the FRG's lobbying, including demonstrating the impact of FGCs, their cost effectiveness and the state of FGC services currently.

- Informing the continual development of the quality standards including accreditation and reaccreditation system of FGC services

- Identifying innovations and developments

- Identifying research/practice and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed e.g. whether disabled children are being offered an FGC in the same way as their non-disabled peers.

- Informing the development of the FGC Network - including how the Network can best meet your needs.

- Identifying training and development courses that you require, or ideas which inform FRG's future priorities.

We would appreciate you sending in the completed survey by Friday 8th of June2018.

The survey should take 40 minutes to complete and all the information that you give will remain confidential. Please click on the link below which will take you directly to the survey.


Many thanks for your input. Contact me if you need further info or help: raziz@frg.org.uk

PS: I have attached a word version of the online survey for you to have an overview of the questions and help you collect some data beforehand. Please DO NOT SEND the word version, make sure you complete the online survey as this is the only way to do the statistical analysis.
FGC survey - survey monkey2018.doc
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