What aspect of a child protection conference you can complain about

If you want to complain about the social worker, another person working for Children’s Services or the child protection investigation or assessment itself, then you should complain directly to Children’s Services (link to box 3)

If you are unhappy about the way the child protection conference was handled you can complain using the child protection conference complaints process.

This could for example be about:

  • the decisions that were made at the child protection conference, including the fact that your child was made subject to a child protection plan or the category under which this was done, the fact that your child was not made subject to a plan and/or
  • how the conference Chair behaved and managed the meeting.

But remember before you make a complaint about a child protection conference, you should think about whether this is going to help you and your child in the long run - sometimes it can be harder to work with social workers and other professionals after you have made a complaint especially if they stay involved in your child’s case.





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