How to make a complaint about the child protection process

If you are unhappy about any part of the child protection process you can make a complaint but how you do this will depend on what you want to complain about:

  • If you want to complain about the actions of a social worker, another person working for Children’s Services or the child protection investigation or assessment itself, then you should complain directly to Children’s Services.

  • If you want to complain about how the child protection conference was run, the decision about the type of abuse your child suffered, or the decision about whether or not your child should have a child protection plan, you can also complain to Children’s Services but you should use their child protection conference complaints process rather than the normal complaints process. This should be a separate procedure, and will have been written by someone who works for the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. Each Local Safeguarding Children’s Board in England will have their own complaints procedures for conferences so it is important to get a copy of the one that applies to you.

  • You should have been given information about how to make a complaint about a child protection conference when you were invited to go to the meeting – if you did not get this information, and you want to complain, ask the child protection conference chair for a copy of this information.

  • If your complaint is about the actions of some one from the police, health services, school or another professional involved with your child, you must complain to the organisation they work for directly. But remember before you make a complaint about a child protection conference, you should think about whether this is going to help you and your child in the long run - sometimes it can be harder to work with social workers and other professionals after you have made a complaint especially if they stay involved in your child’s case.


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