Tips for what to do in meetings

  1. Take the notes you have made with you.
  2. If there are people at the meeting who you do not already know, ask them to say their name and also what their job is so you know why they are at the meeting.
  3. If you would like to take a friend or a supporter (such as an advocate) into the meeting with you, ask ahead of time if this will be okay. If you are told you can’t bring someone with you ask the social worker to explain why not in writing.
  4. If there are several people at the meeting, there should be someone who makes sure everyone gets time to speak and to listen to each other. In more formal meetings, this person is called the chair. If people interrupt you or anyone else, ask the chair to ask people not to do this.
  5. If any one uses a word or talks about something in a way that you do not understand, ask the chair to stop so that this word can be explained clearly to you or your interpreter.
  6. You can ask for a break if you need a bit of time outside the meeting to think about what is being said. The chair should normally agree to this.
  7. Ask your social worker to write down for you what is agreed at the end of the meeting, or do this yourself.
  8. If you are not sure, ask who is responsible for doing things and by when things will be done.






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