Some ideas for how to sort things out with a manager

If you have tried your best to sort things out with your child’s social worker but the situation or communication between you is still not improving, you could ask to meet with your child’s social worker’s manager. You will need to think about whether it would be helpful to invite your social worker to come to this meeting too. Sometimes, it may help to get things sorted out if the social worker is there. Other times, it is easier to talk when they are not around.

Before you go to the meeting with the manager, try and be clear about:

  • what the problem is,
  • why it is a problem for you and your child,
  • what effect it is having on your child and your family and
  • what would help you to change this.

Hopefully, the manager will be able to solve your problem or at least improve the situation.

If you still can’t resolve the problem, you could think about making a formal complaint but you should think about whether this is going to help your child in the long run. Sometimes it can be harder to work with social workers after you have made a complaint especially if your child still has the same social worker. It may be worth discussing this with our advice service.