Where your child will live

Where your child lives while your child is looked after is called a placement.

The discussions about where your child will be living should have taken place already, before a full Care Order was made. The Court will have agreed a care plan when it made the care order. The plan includes where your child would live.

Your child’s social worker should try to make sure that your child lives with relatives or friends provided this would be safe, before looking at other homes such as with unrelated foster carers.

It is therefore really important that you ask everyone in your family whether any of them could care for your child and if so they should contact your child’s social worker to tell them this as soon as possible.

Your child’s social worker should always try to make sure that where your child lives in the long term will cause as little disruption as possible to your child’s life. For example if possible your child should be able to stay living with any brothers or sisters and keep going to the same school. But the main concern will be that your child lives with someone who can offer them safety and security.





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