What happens next

When your child is on a full Care Order, your child’s social worker must have a long term (or permanence plan) plan for your child. The plan may be:

  • looking at helping you with your parenting, so your child can be returned home within a certain period of time, or
  • looking at a friend or relative to care for your child long term (possibly under a residence or special guardianship order), or
  • looking for long term foster carers, or
  • placing your child for adoption.

If the plan for your child is adoption, your child can only be placed with prospective adopters if you agree or if the court gives permission. It is likely that Children’s Services will have already applied to the court for a Placement Order in the care proceedings.

If you are unsure, you should ask your child’s social worker or Independent Reviewing Officer what the long-term plan for your child is.