How you may be able to get your child back home

You should talk to your solicitor about the best way to get your child home.

There are two possible options:

1. You could ask if your child can be placed at home with you while still under an Interim Care Order. But this doesn’t happen very often. You would need to speak to your child’s social worker but it is a good idea to discuss it with your solicitor first.

You would need to be able to show that things have changed enough for your child to be safe and cared for properly at home. The social worker would want to keep a close eye on your child once they are back with you, and will tell the court how things are going.

2. You could ask the court not to renew the Interim Care Order. In order to do this, you will need to show that things are very different in your life from when the order was made. You will need to discuss this with your solicitor first.





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