What happens next

As the Emergency Protection Order only lasts for a short time, your child’s social worker must decide if another court order is needed to keep your child in care when the Emergency Protection Order runs out.

If your child’s social worker is still very concerned about your child’s safety and wellbeing they should tell you that they are applying to court for an Interim Care Order.

Or, the social worker may suggest to you other arrangements for your child’s care, such as your child being looked after for a while with your agreement (this is called voluntary accommodation).

If your child’s social worker thinks that your child no longer needs to be in care, the social worker will make arrangements with you for your child to return home, or to the care of a friend or family member, (if that is what you want).

Even if your child is going home, the social worker may want to put plans in place to make sure your child is safe and protected and arrange a child protection conference, child in need planning meeting or a family group conference.