Keeping in touch with your child

The word for keeping in touch with your child when they are looked after is contact.

Unless the court has said it would not be in your child’s best interests, your child should normally be able to have contact with you, anyone else with parental responsibility, the people your child was living with before the Emergency Protection Order was made and any person with a Contact Order.

When the court made the Emergency Protection Order, your child’s social worker will have suggested how often contact between you and your child or other family members should take place, and whether these meetings should be supervised. The contact arrangements may be set out in the court order. Supervised contact means that there would be someone else (a supervisor) watching to make sure your child is safe during contact. Sometimes that person will also observe how you get on with your child and report back to children’s services. 

The court will have listened to what your child’s social worker thinks is the best for your child and agreed a plan for contact at the court hearing when the Emergency Protection Order was made.



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