Whether you will you be able to stay in touch with your child if an Adoption Order is made

The decision about whether or not you can have contact with your child once they are adopted will be made at the adoption hearing.  This decision should be based on what is best for your child as well as the wishes of your child’s adoptive family. However it is important that if you want to stay in touch you tell the social worker and the adoption panel as soon as possible so that this is considered when they match your child with prospective adopters. There are different ways you may be able to keep in touch with your child.

Direct contact - this includes face to face or telephone contact between you and your adopted child. 

But is unusual for a judge to make an order to let you or anyone else in your family have direct contact with you child after adoption. 

Indirect contact - this includes letters, cards, gifts, photos delivered by a social worker or adoption agency.

This is a way in which you can get information about your adopted child from the adopters. This information will not come directly from your child but through a social worker who will pass the information to you.

It may also be agreed that you can send information to your child indirectly too if this is in your child’s best interests. This way of keeping in touch can be distressing so it is important you ask for, and get, support to make this work well for your child, for you and for your child’s adoptive family.