Can I stay in touch with my child when there is a Placement Order or I have agreed to them being placed for adoption?

You don't have a right to contact when your child is placed for adoption. However, before making a placement order the court must decide whether or not you should see your child when they are placed for adoption. It will only order this if it thinks this is in your child's best interests.

The arrangements for you to keep in touch could be:

  • Indirect contact which includes letters, cards, gifts, photos between you and your child delivered by a social worker or adoption agency; and/or
  • Direct contact which includes face to face or telephone contact between you and your child.

If you want to stay in touch with your child once they are placed for adoption, you should tell the social worker and the Adoption Panel as soon as possible so that they can think about this when they match your child's needs with prospective adopters.