About your child’s new (adoptive) family

1. Your child’s social worker will look for a suitable family for your child.

Your child’s social worker will also talk about this with a social worker from the adoption team that looks for adoptive families. You can ask them to give you anonymised details of families they think will make a good match and you will be able to give your views. But you may feel too emotional to do this.

2. When your child's social worker thinks they have found a suitable family who can meet your child's needs, they will go to the Adoption Panel and ask them to recommend the 'match'.

If the panel agrees that the family is suitable, your child’s social worker will arrange for your child to be introduced to them.

3. You may be offered the chance to meet the adoptive family first.

This meeting will usually be short. If you do meet the adopters, try to remain calm and understand that they are not responsible for taking your child away from you. You could try to reassure them that you do not want to be disruptive to the plan even though you want to keep in touch with your child.

4. Your child will probably meet the new family at their foster carer’s home.

The time your child spends with the family who want to adopt your child will probably be slowly increased until they are ready to move into their new home. After your child moves to their new home your child’s social worker will check how your child is settling in.

5. Your child’s prospective adopters can apply to the Court for an Adoption Order when they are ready to take the final step to adopting your child.

They can apply when your child has been living with them for 10 weeks.