Can your child can be adopted even if you don't agree?

Your child can only be adopted if the court makes an adoption order. This order can only be made if:

  • You agree to your child being adopted or you have formally given advanced consent to adoption or a court has made a Placement Order for your child (in which case you have either consented or the court has decided that your consent is not needed (this is usually decided when the court thinks that adoption is in your child's best interests)), and
  • Your child has been living with the prospective adopters for at least 10 weeks and they have asked the court for an adoption order, and
  • The court decides that it is best for your child to be adopted.

Important note:

  • The court can make an adoption order even if you don't agree where it thinks this is in your child's best interests. So if your child's social worker tells you that your child's prospective adopters are applying for an adoption order you should see a solicitor or call Family Rights Group advice line immediately.
  • If you previously agreed to your child being placed for adoption but you no longer agree to the adoption, you can ask the court for permission to oppose the adoption application but you won't automatically get it. You will need to prove that there has been a change in circumstances. If you want to do this you should see your solicitor immediately or call Family Rights Group advice line.



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