How plans are made for your child

When your child becomes looked after, their social worker must carry out an assessment of your child’s needs and then develop a care plan which describes those needs and how they will be met when they are looked after. This includes where your child will live, and how your child will be cared for.

When your child’s care plan is made the social worker should:

  • Listen to your views.
  • Ask if you, or someone else with parental responsibility, agree to the care plan (But, if your child is 16 or over, the care plan can also be agreed by your child directly).
  • Arrange contact so your child keeps in touch with you and other members of the family unless it would not be in your child’s interests.
  • arrange for your child’s situation to be looked at again at regular meetings. These meetings are called Looked After Child (LAC) Review Meetings.
  • Discuss your child’s situation regularly with an Independent Reviewing Officer.

Even though your child is living somewhere else the social worker may still be worried about the safety and well-being of your child. If this is the case there may also be a child protection plan for your child.



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