Helpful letters

This section of the website is to assist family and friends carers with writing to the council about particular matters which concern them. We are providing template letters that you can use to write to the council. The letters have blank spaces for you to fill in. You will need to enter your own details, and the details of the child or children and the council before you send these letters.

We realise that family and friends carers may want to write to their local council about a variety of different matters. We won’t be providing template letters to cover all the different matters you may want to write about, as individual circumstances vary so much, and some matters can be very complex.

Our first two letters in this section can be used by family and friends carers to raise two of the matters which were the subject of a finding by the Local Government Ombudsman, dealing with a complaint against Liverpool City Council.

Letter 1 would be used if you are a family and friends carer who is a special guardian. If you are claiming Income Support, but the council is deducting Child Benefit from the special guardianship allowance it pays you, then you can use this letter to make a complaint, as they shouldn’t be making this deduction.

Letter 2 would be used if you are a family and friends foster carer (also sometimes known as a kinship foster carer or a connected person foster carer). The council ought to be paying you a fostering allowance that is at least as much as the government’s National Minimum Fostering Allowance. You can check the government National Minimum Fostering Allowance here. If the council is paying you a fostering allowance which is less than the government’s national minimum, you can use this letter to make a complaint.

If there are any other matters that you would like to take up with your local council, please phone the Family Rights Group advice line and speak to one of our expert advisers: 0808 801 0366, lines are open 9.30am-3pm Mon-Fri excluding Bank Holidays.