Involving Families

Baby sleeping peacefully

We promote policies and practices that help children to be raised safely and securely within their families.

We work with families, academic agencies, professionals and decision makers to:

  • Conduct research and produce recommendations, tools and guides on ways of working with families to keep children safe.
  • Pioneer family-centred approaches including family group conferences and professional family advocacy that enable families to participate in planning and decision making about their children.
  • Develop and campaign for policies and legislative changes that improve children’s wellbeing.

Our fathers matter research and best practice reports have placed us at the forefront in this important area of child welfare and social work practice.

We are the leading authority on family and friends care. We promote effective ways in supporting children to live safely with relatives or friends, if they cannot live with their parents.

We are experts in family group conferences. We have led the development of quality standards and we co-ordinate the national Family Group Conference network. We have gathered national and international evidence on the impact and cost effectiveness of this approach. We can provide free help for English local authorities in setting up a family group conference service.

Independent evaluations demonstrate the benefits of our pioneering professional parental advocacy service for families in the child protection process. Local authorities can now commission the service.

Campaigning and influencing

We are a campaigning organisation. Our research, projects and services inform and guide our agenda for reforming child welfare law and practice and our work as part of the Kinship Care Alliance to enable more children to live safely within their families.