Famous people raised by family and friends carers, to name but a few

Presidents, actors, musicians, comedians, models, scientists, writers and many more.. 

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Maya Angelou (writer)

Oksan Baiul (sportswoman)

Lucille Ball (comedian)

Tallulah Bankhead (actress)

Cherie Booth (barrister)

Pierce Brosnan (actor)

Mary Portas (brought up her younger brother, retail consultant and broadcaster)

Richard Burton (brought up by his sister, actor)

Brian Cox (brought up by his four siblings, actor)

Catherine Cookson (brought up by her grandparents, author)

Oritse Williams aka OWS (raised his younger siblings, musician, JLS)

Carol Burnett (actress and entertainer)

Diane-Louise Jordan (Broadcaster) (Adopted her niece)

Naomi Campbell (model)

Eric Clapton (musician)

Mo Farah (brought up by aunt, 2012 Olympic 10,000m gold winner for Great Britain)

Jamie Foxx (actor)

Morgan Freeman (actor)

Anna Harrison (First Lady of the United States in 1841)

Jimi Hendrix (musician)

Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin (chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen and also to the Speaker of the House of Commons)

Langston Hughes (poet)

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson (musician)

Samuel L. Jackson (actor)

Matthew Janney (rugby player)

Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP (brought up by sibling carer, politician)

Sheila Jordan (musician)

Doreen Lawrence (campaigner)

John Lennon (musician)

Stephen Paul Manderson (Professor Green) (musician)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (author)

Davina McCall (presenter)

Dylan McDermott (actor)

Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)

Nicki Minaj (singer)

Willie Nelson (musician)

Prince Rogers Nelson (musician)

Isaac Newton (scientist)

Jack Nicholson (actor)

Barack Obama (USA President)

Al Pacino (actor)

Gregory Peck (actor)

Kellie Pickler (musician)

Sterling Ramsey (raised by his grandparents, until age 14. Member of boy band Rough Copy)

Lou Rawls (musician)

Victoria Rowell (actress)

Sir Walter Scott (author)

Bessie Smith (brought up by sibling carer, musician)

Vanna White (tv presenter)

Oprah Winfrey (media proprietor and presenter)

Ellen Wood (author)

Tammy Wynette (musician)

Malcolm X (brought up by sibling carer, civil rights activist)