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‘The single factor most closely associated with positive outcomes for children is meaningful, lifelong connections to family.’

Family Rights Group is working collaboratively with local authorities, family group conference services, Become (Formerly the Who Cares? Trust), Who Cares? Scotland, The Fostering Network, Children 1st, Scottish Child Law Centre and other key stakeholders (including young people in care) to develop and implement LifeLong Links. Our aim is to build positive lifelong support networks for children in the care system.

Funding from the Department for Education Innovation Programme is enabling Lifelong Links to be trialled in England. The three year trial started in April 2017. The initial seven English local authorities to trial Lifelong Links are Devon, Hertfordshire, Kent and North Yorkshire County Councils, the London Boroughs of Camden and Southwark and Coventry City Council.  We have also secured funds from KPMG Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, RS MacDonald Charitable Trust and The Robertson Trust to simultaneously trial Lifelong Links in Edinburgh, Glasgow and West Lothian in Scotland.

The Lifelong Links trial is aimed at under 16 year old children and young people who have been in care for less than 3 years and for whom there is no plan for them to live within their family or be adopted. The trial is being independently evaluated by the Rees Centre, University of Oxford and Celcis, University of Strathclyde to determine whether Lifelong Links is effective in improving outcomes for children in care.

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