About Us

Siblings smiling

Family Rights Group’s goal is to enable children to be raised safely and thrive within their family and community.

Established in 1974, we support families whose children are involved with, or require, local authority services because of welfare needs or concerns. Families who contact us are often struggling, and scared their child may be removed. Our advice service helps them to understand their rights and options, get the support they need to prevent problems escalating into a crisis and to work constructively with local authorities. This is key to keeping children safe at home and avoiding unnecessary removal into care.

We also support local authorities to deliver family-centred approaches to plan for children in need or at risk.

We campaign for effective support to help struggling parents and family and friends carers such grandparents, who are raising children who cannot live with their parents.

We also undertake research, deliver training and champion policies and practices that help families to support and protect vulnerable children.

Our unique position

  • our starting point is the child within the family
  • our independence from government and statutory services
  • our history and commitment to listening to, involving and working with families
  • our determination to challenge when required and always provide workable answers
  • our experience in pioneering family-centred approaches to child welfare
  • our record in research and promoting evidence-based solutions
  • our commitment to working with families, community groups, professionals, academics and policy makers to enable more children to live safely within their families.