Consequences of being falsely accussed

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Re: Consequences of being falsely accussed

Post by DupedDad » Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:40 pm

Thank you for your prompt reply. It does reinforce concerns I have over the response of both the school and CS to my sons disclosures. From the case notes and statements that were filed and served for the family court, I now know that:
[*]My son disclosed to school that he had been assaulted and neglected by his mum.
[*]School's immediate and only response was to call his grandparents and arrange for him to stay with them.
[*]School did not inform CS nor the police about his disclosures.
[*]A visiting professional at the school informed CS.
[*]School apologised to CS for not informing them of my son's disclosures.

CS subsequently applied to the family court for a care order.
The Outcome of the S47 Enquiry into my son's disclosure from two years previously (that I had pushed his mum) was filed and served by CS but no Outcome of S47 Enquiries was filed or served by CS in response to my son's allegations against his mum.
My solicitor asked CS for a copy of the missing Outcome of S47 Enquiries but received no reply.
After the final court hearing I continued to ask for a copy.
Head of CS wanted to know why I was asking, the case had concluded, a care plan was in place.
I was advised to inform CS that I would involve the ICO if the outcome was withheld from me.
Head of CS immediately responded that I had always had every right to see the outcome and I would be sent a copy (suitably redacted).

What I was actually sent was a strategy discussion document that minuted a conversation between CS and the police a whole month after my son's disclosures.
The minutes of this strategy discussion show that CS told the police:
[*]My son had been hit in a different place to that given in all the case notes and statements (possibly as this made it easier to susbstantiate the claim that no marks or bruises had been seen).
[*]A diluted version of my sons account and allegations.
[*]That school had called his grandparents and had been informed that he was already staying with them.
[*]That his mum had safeguarded him, despite her drinking, by placing him in her parents care.

The police decided they would have no further involvement as there was no evidence and under outcomes the agreed upon action was to initiate a C&F Assessment. The option to initiate a S47 Enquiry was not selected.

I have raised several concerns with CS about this document, not least that CS {deliberately?} misled the police over the events that occurred after my sons disclosure. It does appear that double standards were in play and both school and CS tried to protect and shield mum from the consequences of her actions rather than correctly and fully safeguard our son.

It might be hard to answer but in these circumstances, do you believe it was reasonable and appropriate for CS to undertake a C&F Assessment rather than a S47 Enquiry?

If any information is too detailed given the involvement of the family court please edit this post.

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