This is urgent please help

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This is urgent please help

Post by jazzmine » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:11 am

I posted this in getting your voice heard but have had no response this is urgent as today we found out that baby dads assessment is going to be completed this week on friday, we desperately need to know our rights and what options are available to us as it is not looking favourable for him............Hi we are currently involved in a child protection case concerning our granddaughter. We are recently involved with the family as hubby was estranged from his daughter as she didn't want anything to do with him despite his efforts to get in touch over the years.. My husbands daughter (my step-daughter) passed away in Sept and left a 2yr old behind. Her long term partner and baby's dad has learning difficulties and is currently being assessed to determine his capability to parent her. They previously had 3 children removed due to neglect and adopted out, we were not involved in that case. The baby has been on the CP register since birth, they were assessed as being able to parent the baby just about as a couple which is why the concern now. We have our names put forward as possible family foster carers for her and have passed our initial viability assessment. We do not know if there are any other options open to us or even what our rights as grandparents are. Any help with this would be gratefully appreciated

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Re: This is urgent please help

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:02 pm

Dear Jazzmine,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear about your family's situation and Mum passing away. It must be very difficult for your family to face the uncertainties around where baby will live in the long term.
On Friday, the parenting assessment of dad should be completed. In case it is negative-has dad got a children solicitor to advice him. If not, he could find one who specialises in children law on the Law Society-find a solicitor.
lawsociety-find a solicitor.
If children services want to remove baby from dad
It is very likely that dad will have parental responsibility for baby. Please have a look at what this means in our A to Z of terms.
Parental responsibility
If children services decided to remove baby from dads care,they could either do this with dads consent or seek an order from the court giving them parental responsibility.

When a child comes into the care system the law says the best place for most
children is to be brought up is in their own family.
So, Children’s Services must place a child,first, with parents or others with parental responsibility if they are considered suitable. If not, then in foster care-but giving preference to family and friends approved as foster carers over stranger foster care.

I know that you are not yet fully approved as foster carers so you must be worried that baby may go into stranger foster care. This does not need to happen.
Reg 24 & Schedule 4, Care Planning, Placement and Case Review Regulations 2010 says that in an emergency, baby could be placed with you as long as certain basic checks have been completed. Please have a look at pages 12 and 13 of emergency placement of children with friends and family carers.

I suggest that you email the social worker and her manager. Remind them that you are currently being assessed as foster carers and even though you are not yet approved, baby could be placed with you under the above regulations rather than baby going into stranger foster care.

Finally, have a look at our advice sheet about Family Group conferences
Family Group Conferences. This type of meeting can take place to allow the family to come up with a plan of support for baby.

I think you would benefit from registering with the friend and family discussion board. You would then be able to access support from other people in a similar position to you.
Best wishes,

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Re: This is urgent please help

Post by jazzmine » Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:58 am

Thank you for your response. Yesterday at approx 1pm the S.W told dad that there is a PLO meeting on Friday despite knowing that the final part of his assessment is due to be done that day. A letter was posted through his door at 4pm saying HE needs to contact his solicitor and that if he does not attend with his solicitor it will go straight to court, dad tried phoning his solicitor and he was not in the office and will get the msg today. Dad is panicking! I am going to try and contact the solicitor and S.S today as I think it's unfair and unrealistic to expect us to do this in less than 48 hours, is this normal? correct procedure? I have never had dealing with the S.S like this and am at a total loss.......

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