Social services lying

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Social services lying

Post by EDY92 » Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:09 pm

I posted a while back about how my partner has been accused of IIOC

social services told me he wasn’t allowed any unsupervised contact, the contact was arranged to be through his mother. I have stuck by this. He has only seen the children via his mother.

The social worker turned up at my house this afternoon saying they’ve had intelligence that ex has been to my house with the kids. This is simply untrue and hasn’t EVER happened since he was taken away from the police.

My parents are paying for me to get a solicitor but where exactly do I stand?

She said they are going to a child protection case? What does this even mean? I wasn’t told anything, just that I’m being accused of lying because she has a witness saying he was here with the kids yesterday. Again, I don’t know how when it never happened and no-one expect the police and social services know why we are no longer together and he’s moved out.. so what does that mean?! Someone apparently knows about why he’s no longer living here ?! But why lie?!

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Re: Social services lying

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Jul 13, 2020 11:10 am

Dear EDY92

Thank you for your further post and sorry for not my late response to your query.

I think you were working with children’s services on a child in need basis but now they are undertaking a child protection investigation which may lead to an initial child protection conference.

The reason that the case has escalated is because the social worker has been informed by an unknown source that your partner was present in your home, with the children. I guess the concern stated is that, if so, he was unsupervised which is against the temporary safely plan that was put in place. I understand that you refute this completely and state that he has only ever had the contact which was agreed to be safe i.e. supervised by his mother. I am sure that you have told the social worker this too. However, they are now concerned that the children may be at risk of significant harm and so have a legal duty to investigate.

The best thing to do is to continue to cooperate and to ensure that you keep to the arrangements that have been agreed. If you are adamant that you have never allowed unsupervised contact then you should say so; similarly if you were coerced or made a mistake and did allow him home you should say so too. It is always best to be open and honest. Of course, your partner should also be challenged about this as the concern is around his alleged behaviour; he can proactively contact the social worker too, to discuss. Although children’s services became involved because of police investigating your partner for alleged downloading of child sexual images they are looking to you to be a protective parent so it is important that you continue to work with the professional group to demonstrate this.

In my last response I suggested some resources that you may find useful as they are designed for mothers in your situation. If you have not had a chance to look into them yet it might be a good idea to now, as you are now in a child protection process. If there is a conference you could show that you are developing your understanding and insight in order to protect your children.

You may find our child protection procedures advice sheet advice sheet and FAQs on child protection to be helpful.
We also have tips on preparing for a child protection conference , should you need them. They will help you prepare for a conference if that happens. Most conferences are now ‘virtual’ so do ask your social worker to clarify exactly what format it would take and how you would be involved.

It is great that your parents are paying for you to get some help from a solicitor. You will be able to discuss the situation fully with them and get their advice.

I hope this is helps.

With best wishes

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