Horrible attitude of staff at school

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Horrible attitude of staff at school

Post by LMBSE1971 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:54 pm

My children were placed on a child protection plan because of emotional abuse suffered as a result of my ex and I having a volatile relationship and them witnessing arguments (instigated by him, he was a the abusive party but towards the end of the relationship I started to "fight back" a little which resulted in him conveniently accusing ME of abuse). My eight year old daughter is very shy and withdrawn which they attribute to the emotional abuse, SS have even told her that "mummy and daddy abused her" which is horrible and heartbreaking and very wrong in my opinion (they've done the same to my 12 year old son )

My ex left last year but SS are still involved as they were not happy about how much contact there was between us (I was still relying on him to support the children especially as I am now facing losing my job working with children and families). They want very restricted contact only between me and him (although they still want him to have unsupervised contact with the children).

He has been abusive to both the social workers and to the school which has led to the school stating that he is only to deal with the headmaster if he needs anything (he never attends the school just phone calls). Meanwhile I am the one who takes my children to school every day, on time, cleanly dressed, homework done,have always cooperated with the school and supported her and been polite.

However the staff's attitude towards me since the CPP is horrific. I am literally being treated like a "danger to children". The second I am on school premises a staff member will appear and hover around me, I am spoken to rudely, snapped at and treated with suspicion and contempt at all times. I myself am a professional who works with children (or did until this started) which makes it all the more heartbreaking,

Today I was in the reception area trying to convince my daughter to go in and give her end of year thankyou card to her headmaster (she was too shy). The receptionist immediately latched on and started watching me like a hawk. I had a quick look through the door to see if she had gone, whereupon the recepionist snapped "Is there a problem Mrs .....?" I said that no I was just checking my daughter had gone to give the card, then I saw another parent who I knew and stood to chat for a moment, The same question was snapped at me "Is there a problem? Is anything wrong??" no I'm just chatting,

Another member pf staff then came and pushed past me rudely and asked me to leave the reception area.

I am snapped at by dinner ladies and pretty much everyone who works in the school treats me rudely and with suspicion.

They are calling SS for EVERYTHING! If my daughter seems shy one day, if she gets upset because someone wont let her play tag, if they dont like whats in her lunchbox, I feel that they are desperately trying to get her removed from me

her older brothers teachers dont even feel he needs a CPP, but my daiughters school are going full on,

It is a very "good" school with excellent reviews and lots of professional parents so I am very doubtful that they have ever had experience of having a child on a Child Protection Plan but it is horrible and completely unnecessary. Arent they supposed to be supporting us as a family? I darent complain as it was my complaint about the attitude of the SW which caused the Section 47 in the first place. We also live in a small town where things like this dont happen very often. This is destroying me and I do not see the need for it

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