Fraudulent record compilation

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Fraudulent record compilation

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Many many times over a four year period I attended at my G.P surgery where I was seen by a number of various professionals. At each and every visit I discussed nothing other than the loss of my son, who had previously been made the subject of a 'forced adoption', and I had requested help to come to terms with this loss, as I just could not cope any more.
On several occasions, having raised objections due to adverse side effects to the treatment I was provided, as well as the missing Counselling that should have ran alongside the medication I was prescribed, I was constantly reassured that the treatment I was receiving was to help with the above mentioned loss of my son. Becoming ever increasingly concerned I applied in writing to access a copy of my medical records.
Parallel to this, after so many years apart, my son appeared at the front door, and against all the odds, we were reunited. Luckily his memory serves him well and there is no doubt in his mind, or mine, that I provided for his every need and he absolutely loved his childhood with me. In taking my son away from the life he loved can only ever be classified as abuse of the most horrific kind.
When eventually I was provided a copy of my medical records the contents left me in total shock. Not a single reference to my sons existence had been recorded, him having been fraudulently edited out of all G.P notes and professional assessments. After becoming aware of my sons return even the G.P appointments I attended have not been recorded. Needless to say this resulted in misdiagnosis, etc, and I was prescribed seriously strong medicine, to treat the misdiagnosis, that rendered me virtually comatose. Far worse a crime than anything else is the fact the condition I was suffering from was deliberately left untreated and clinical trials have proved conclusively that such a scenario will end in suicide. In such circumstances I attempted to have my G.P engage with me but I received nothing in response to any letters of complaint.
As my reward for managing to stay alive and slip the net this time, I have been presented with a county court hearing date for repossession of my home. Shortly after the **** hit the fan with my G.P my sickness benefits were suspended for missing an appointment. Anybody with experience of instant withdrawal after four years of every day, constant use, of the medication 45mg Mirtazipine, will bare witness to my being lucky to be alive, never mind the missing of an appointment. Obviously when my benefits were suspended so too was my housing benefit, hence rent arrears. Because the powers that be are using any underhanded tactics to ensure my complaint remains silenced, I have nothing of clarity to protest my innocence that it is not me who is responsible for the arrears.
Coming through crystal clear is that somebody wishes me very serious harm. The degree of effort and deception (not to mention the amount of NHS cash wasted) that has been applied to produce this set of fraudulent records is astronomical and cause for very great concern for my safety. This is definitely not a case where mistakes have been made, neither is it a case of medical negligence, but rather it is a case of very carefully calculated, pre determined criminal actions, with the sole intent to cause major harm and damage.
Although I have collated evidence to ensure it conclusive and non contestable to the point that my G.P (who incidentally was also the practice manager until my complaint surfaced) is not able to make comment without further incriminating himself, I am getting nowhere with the complaint as it has been thrown on the merry go round of utter nonsense. Criminal laws have even been broken in the desperation for the complaint to be silenced.
Incredibly this is not an isolated incident. Some of the abuses I have been exposed to the average person will never before have heard of let alone experienced. A perfect example of this is that the police committed a robbery with violence at my home. They made a total cock up. They did complete the robbery and anything that was not taken was left destroyed. They gave me a split second and I gave them the slip and went straight to the police station to complain that my friend and her newly born daughter were trapped in the house whilst the robbery was still in progress. The police were certain I was alone. A big cock up on their part. I have never before heard of the police committing robberies. Each and every time the abuse is as outrageous as the last. Enough really is enough.
Having never met any of the professionals involved that provided my 'care' it appears on the face of the matter there is no foundation of reasoning for any of these incidents. This is exactly as the authorities would wish it. However, something I have been told to forget several times, I need to rewind back many years to the time before the authorities took my son away. Our family social worker, only involved for reasons that occurred prior to me taking full custody of my son, made an unofficial call to our home one evening, visibly in distress, and asked to speak with us. He claimed that a long awaited file transfer had earlier that day arrived and was handed to him. Together accompanying the file was an 'order of instruction ' that had come from a much higher authority and the social worker was helpless to voice his objection.
Through his own observations of our family the social worker said that we had earned his greatest respect and as a result he was not prepared to adhere to his instructions that he totally disagreed with, and felt them inappropriate in our case, so instead had elected to come and warn us that we were in very serious imminent danger, from the local authority. His parting words of advice were 'whatever you do, do not ask for help'. This was the last contact we ever had with him. Several months later and the damage was done when the social services stole my son.
All these years later, although it appears evident that this 'order of instruction' is still live and enforced, it is not possible for me to say either way for concern of being sectioned under the mental health act, so you will have to make your own conclusions in this regard.
My immediate overriding problem now is that I can't access any appropriate and correct healthcare from G.P, hospital, dentist, physiology, nowhere. What am I supposed to do if I get a toothache? I need a solution, whatever that may be, to bring all of this to a head, regardless the consequences.
If ever there was a case that needed reporting to the public, to bring to their attention the twisted capabilities of our modern day governance, then it be impossible to find a more appropriate case than this one.
Nothing could ever justify any individual incident that we have suffered from. Without connecting any incidents together, simply owed to the fact that they have all been inflicted upon us, is an abuse of power from a corrupt governance, totally criminal, and somebody wants to properly investigate this entire matter. The above only scratches the surface, the finer detail is unbelievable.
Thank heavens for my sons return, a massive game changer, or I fear I would already be dead.
Please circulate.

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