Don't know what to do

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Re: Don't know what to do

Post by Ichi » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:29 pm

It was a split conference because my ex partner requested it as things got heated at a previous meeting when i was asked my concerns

I will admit i did rant a bit as i was frustrated by the whole process and the fact she continues to minimise the risk which obviously the NSPCC have shared. She is still not getting it as she feels the NSPCC have been underhand and lied to her. She also feels it is a mockery that they wont help her.

She continues to maintain her partner is low risk because he has been assessed as that to her and the children but to women he doesnt know he is a medium risk and it has been noted that if the relationship was in trouble there is a good chance he may reoffend. She also seems to just think there is just a sexual risk at play and doesnt think of the emotional risk or domestic abuse risk as this man has also physically attacked women in the past and also has had drug addiction problems.

She just thinks that his sexual risk should be the only factor so she has not been there emotionally for the children and she doesnt see this at all. So yes i dont think there is a chance she will agree to them living with me as she laughably believes she is doing a good job as a parent.

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