Wrongly accused.

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Wrongly accused.

Post by Cc83 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:19 pm

Hi. I'm after some advice. My partner, who is amazingly kind and gentle, has been wrongly accused of hurting his son. He had a bitter split from the mother when the boy was a baby. He is now 5. And has told doctors that his dad pushed him out of bed purposefully and now the social services and police are involved and he has been interviewed and waiting on the outcome.
I know 100% that he didn't do this as he was at my house when he fell out of bed late at night and dad put him back into bed.
I also have a daughter who was there when it happened. Now, he hasn't been told to keep away from my child but isn't allowed to see his son until this is done and only If he gets found not guilty.
If he does get found guilty will they stop him from being around my child? And do we have any rights to fight this? I know this man. He wouldn't hurt a fly. (plus I would Never stick up for anyone who purposely hurt a child) Thank you.

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Re: Wrongly accused.

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:36 pm

Dear Cc83

Thank you for your post.

I hope that you would agree that it is always appropriate that children are believed when they raise concerns or say that they have been harmed by an adult. I understand too, that it is sometimes difficult to agree with professionals when they are investigating situations where allegations of harm have been levelled against people we know.

You say that the incident occurred in your home, may I ask if you were aware of your partner helping his son back to bed when he fell out? If so your account of what happened that evening should be relayed to the professionals involved. I am not sure of the age of your child but, did she speak with any professionals about what she remembers on that evening – this may be useful too.

In relation to your rights, it is likely that social workers will undertake an assessment and if the police do not take the matter forward it may be dropped by them.

Best wishes,


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