One lie and ss are taking me to court for my youngest daughter

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One lie and ss are taking me to court for my youngest daughter

Post by Territots31 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:09 pm

Long story short ss involement due to dv family agreement for childern , supervised contact to be supervised by family members
My ex partner parents was looking after my youngest i would go 5 times a week an hour each time for contact their son was not aloud to stay there at all and i wasnt aliud contact but they let him stay thier and he was their we had contact me being scared if i told ss that my baby would be put in care during one contact i witness a very violante argument between mum and son which was started by mum i didnt fo anything for fear she would be put in care my only solution was to remove my ex from his mums and let him stay at mine thing were going well and i stop contact with ex 3 werks past and ss let me know we could start rehabilitation plan for my baby to come home onthe first day of the plan my exes mum told them about the earlier contact we had they didmt even wait for the session to be ovrr they removed her striat away and took her back to my exes mum i then heard rumores that she used to beat her kids wjen thry were young and instantly wanted her moved they didnt belive me so sort ouy my exforhelp to move our daughter he went to ss and i dont know what he told but they removef my daughter same day to my mums house but using thr contact again aginst me we are now due to go to court and all they have is i lied what chances do i stand in having her returned to me

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Re: One lie and ss are taking me to court for my youngest daughter

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:47 pm

Dear territots31,

Welcome to the Parents Forum.

I am sorry to hear that your children have been removed from you and are with members of the family.

You say that court (care) proceedings have started. The court process will last about 6 months. At the end, the court will decide whether your children can return to you, or dad. If you are ruled out the court will look at your children living with your extended family (auch as their grandparents).
If the court is not happy for the children to go to your family or friends, long term foster care or adoption could be considered. But this would be the last resort.

You ask about your chances of your daughter being returned home. I can’t answer this question but I can advise you how to increase your chances.

The issues that need to be addressed by you-that I can see in your post:
Domestic Violence
Have you been on domestic violence programmes such as the freedom programme and do you have an advocate? Have you been to counselling to help you deal with the trauma of what you have suffered?
If not, you need get this support urgently. Speak to your solicitor or
Women’s Aid about what support is available, in your area.

Being truthful about what has happened.

You have tried to cover up seeing dad at the same time as your son.
Children services may say that because you lied this time, you cannot ever be trusted to woerk with them and so protect your children from domestic violence. I think you should discuss with your solicitor how you can build up trust again.
You must be honest with the social worker and other professionals. So if you bump into dad in the street, let them know. If you have any contact with him, tell the social worker or solicitor. If he texts you or phones you, let them know.

Other concerns-You do not say whether children services might be worried about your mental or physical health or whether you might have a learning difficulty. If so, they can assess you for any support that might help you look after your children. Has this been done?

Contact with your children-make sure that you never miss contact. If, exceptionally, there is a reason that you cannot go to contact, let the social worker know this and ask that she arrange another visit.
Family Group conference -Have you had a family group conference to look for support within your family and friend network? If not, can one be arranged? See

Work well with your solicitor. Look at our Top Tips for working with your solicitor.

Work well with your social worker-look at our tips.

I hope this helps but if you need further advice, please post again or call our advice line on 0808 801 0366.

Best wishes,


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