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Policy Advice

Post by Sadmolerat1 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:48 pm


It's been a while since I was last here. I am fortunate that my CIN case was closed last June after a stressful two years.
However, I did put in a Stage 3 complaint to the LA last year and despite a panel meant to be taking place after 30 days it is coming up to a year before the next proposed date. Whilst part of me wants to give up and get on with our lives, the fighter in me wants the LA to acknowledge their failings in my case so that another family do not suffer. I don't hold out much hope though so will consider the Parliamentary Ombudsmen. But enough waffling....
Just have a couple of quick questions:

1. Should parents be given warnings before PLO pre proceedings are commenced? Eg. CIN meeting and no concerns raised. Two days later I am informed of PLO.

2. My child was not deemed to have suffered or likely to suffer significant harm at a Child Protection Conference and remained CIN. How can X then meet the S31 threshold to qualify for a PLO months later when the cited concerns existed prior to the CPC? Further information/evidence was also available to reduce these concerns and no new concerns raised.

3. The LA state my child met the threshold for a PLO (potential risk from my partner) however they claim they were under no obligation to advise my partner's probation officer of this. His PO said under policy they should have informed her immediately. She has now moved on and I have tried to find this under the LA's policies but can't.
Would appreciate any pointers eg. would this come under sharing information/multiagency safeguarding in that if the LA are so concerned about risk to my child from an individual under supervision from a Probation Officer then they need to be clear to that PO so risk can be properly managed?

Many Thanks

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