Domestic violence

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Domestic violence

Post by Sopho15 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:46 pm

Has anybody on here had previous involvement with ss because of domestic violence and not been told to choose between your children or your partner, there was one incident of domestic violence between me and my partner nearly 3 years ago we split up and stayed split up for over two years we have now had another child who is a few weeks old and we have got back together and he's been staying with me since the birth but now ss are coming out to see us again next week I want him to move back in permanently but unsure if this will be allowed? We have both done courses ect he's been seeing my son everyday for around a year normally at my house sometimes we would all go out for the day, before that it was every other day and before that it was supervised at a family members house for a few months, we've been seeing each other again for about 6/7months and we both feel ready for him to come back permanently. Any advice from any one that's been in a similar situation?

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Re: Domestic violence

Post by Pinkcup » Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:59 pm

Hi I have recently put a similar post up. Was you previously on a child in need or child protection plan? If you co operate with social services and are prepared to do what they want ie courses etc or attending groups and there has not been any more violence towards you or anyone else I would be surprised if they told u to split up. Did u call them yourselves to inform them or was they told you were back together?

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Re: Domestic violence

Post by Casattack » Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:22 pm

Hi I have been going through a similar thing

My new partner pushed his ex 6 years ago ! I know this as I had to have the info !

She called social when she heard about our relationship ! They came out and told me I had to end it with him or they would take my kids ! That was not the case

She saw we were still together and made more calls of malicious claims so ss then got involved properly as I didn't halt the relationship having looked at my rights and finding out what little he had actually done

We have been working with them now for about 8 weeks ! I had to sign an agreement while assessments were carried out ! He wasn't aloud to the home or around my children !

He has had to have a risk assessment done and she has had to meet my kids and talk to them

We are nearly at the end now we're praying that he gets to come back

We decided to do the freedom programme aswell which helped it's only £10 to do it online

Good luck I hope this helps

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