Social Services Might Take away our forth coming child

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Re: Social Services Might Take away our forth coming child

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:05 pm

Dear I luv my children,

I am probably too late to offer you the advice you needed as you said the meeting was going to take place yesterday. What was the outcome of the meeting? What decisions were made?

It is not clear from your posts whether your unborn baby’s name was put on a child protection plan at any time.
If his name had been put on a child protection plan, then consideration should have been given to how professionals would manage any potential risk you might pose-at the time of the birth and during your wifes stay in hospital. This should include a discharge plan-detailing what protection, if any needs to put in place when your wife and baby leaves hospital.

I do not have the expertise to advise you about meetings arranged by the hospital. However, I do not think that your solicitor would be able to claim back the cost of his/her attendance-if indeed he or she is allowed to attend this meeting.

In relation to meetings involving children’s services, your solicitor may only be able to attend specific statutory meetings. For more information have a look at our advice sheet about advocacy. .

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I luv my children
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Re: Social Services Might Take away our forth coming child

Post by I luv my children » Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:22 am

25 Sep 2015, 01 45 am
If possible please can I have a reply before 3 pm, but certainly asap.
Firstly for your ready reference I am going to paste my SOPO and a few quotes from a case law.

Unfortunately I am on Sexual Offender Prevention Order (SOPO). Last year my SOPO was varied as given below It is as good as being on no SOPO. The last one was almost unmanageable, It shows that the PPU got my order varied as they saw me as low risk.

04 April 2014: Extract from my new varied Order
Terms of variation: Fahim Mirza must not have any contact with any female child under the age of 16 years other than: such as inadvertent and not reasonably avoided in the course of lawful daily life or where the child is accompanied at all times by a person aged 18 years or more which has not been convicted of a sexual offence, an offence of decency or any offence against a child and with the consent of the child’s parent or guardian who has full knowledge of his sexual convictions and the existence of the order.
The order is to last until the 4.4.19

Please note there are no Prohibitions on my having contacts with boys.
From THE TELEGRAPH and (Regina v Smith & Others [2011] EWCA Crim 1772)

The Court of Appeal has torn up powers which previously allowed judges to ban convicted paedophiles from unfettered access to their families.

They ruled that the "right to a family life" must be taken into account before the "sexual offences prevention orders", known as SOPOs, are issued.
.Hall's original SOPO, imposed by Teesside Crown Court, banned him from "living in the same household as any person under the age of 18".
. But his lawyers successfully argued this was too broad and the new SOPO now bans him from living with girls under 18 without the "express approval of social services".

Quote from another Judge:
14. Judge Gareth Jones said that social services were not above the law and said he suspected that proper procedures were not followed by Anglesey Council in order to save money.

15. Further, if there was no risk that offences within a family may be committed then
“It is both unnecessary and an infringement of the children’s entitlement to family life to impose restrictions which extend to them. Even if there is a history of abuse within the family, any order ought ordinarily to be subject to any order made in family proceedings for the very good reason that part of the family court process may, if it is justified, involve carefully supervised rehabilitation of parent and child”
(Regina v Smith & Others [2011] EWCA Crim 1772)

My wife gave birth to a baby boy on 22 September 2015. There is no prohibition in my SOPO with my having contacts with boys and in the court Law the high court rules out it is against the human rights to stop a person to a have access to his/her family life. Also please note the judges allows a sex offender to live with his son. My wife, I, my offending manager (Police, ppu), a matron from the hospital and a social worker had a meeting on Thursday. My PPU read the sexual offences I was convicted ( as a matter of fact I had pleaded guilty) back in September 1998. The SW with the help of an interpreter asked my wife if she was aware of what i had done with those two girls then aged 13 and 15. My wife said that I had told I he had husband and wife like relationships with the girls but had no sex. My Offending Manager did not say any further, only said that that happened 17 years but circumstances have changed.

The SW said that I was still under risk assessment but no decision has reached and that she would like to see me assessed by a Dr Bernardo’s psychologist. Until then she said that she is arranging a court appearance on Mon or Tue to get an intermittent ban on me living in the same house as my wife and meet the baby only under supervision.

But There are no grounds to suggest that I am an immediate danger of causing serious harm to my new born
baby. I am fully sane, don’t drink or smoke, very cool and calm and have no history for child abuse with my 6 own children from my previous wife. They are all grown up, University Graduates and hold senior professional posts

SW are saying that there will be 4 solicitors: One for me, one for my wife, one for the baby and one for the Social Services.

Also my wife is new to the country, has language problems, has no car, has not enough knowledge how the “system” works in this country and is on statuary maternity benefit . She can’t drive .Without me she will not be able to survive financially, go shopping, see doctor and not even meet her sister, the only one close relative in the country. We have only one close relation, my wife’s sister who is a single mum, with 3 young children, no car and is on benefit and lives about 40 miles away from our house. And without having a contact with me with restrictions how ill she cope , along with other, with her emotional and sexual needs.
My wife saw first her doctor in Feb 2015 about her pregnancy who prescribed her vitamin and Folic acid tablets and arranged for a scan which was to be taken after 16 March 2015 – at least 3 months after missing her first periods.. We had long before arranged for our family holiday to Pakistan so we went there on 16 March and came back on 26 April - about 6 weeks. . Her expected delivery date was given 24 October but she had an early pregnancy, a month earlier. In that period we hadonly two about hourly visits from the SW and one from the Matron. When I asked the SW why she had not been able to assess us by now, she said we were away for 6 weeks and that my wife had an early pregnancy. The SW had a date fixed for 26th October for the Child Protection Conference, 2 days after of my wife’s predicted delivery date. I said she should have taken into account that there are early pregnancies, and even then she had over 5 months for her investigation. What investigations? 3 interviews with us and one with my offending manager.

Looking into the above mentioned facts, what advice do you give me and my wife. Under no circumstance we do not want an interment ban on me and then wait for up to six months for the proper hearing.

I have an appointment with a family lawyer today at 4 pm and would like your advice in view of the above circumstances. What are the chances that we will get away completely or allowed to live together until their investigation completes? As I mentioned above that here are no grounds to suggest that I am an immediate danger of causing serous harm to my new born baby. I am fully sane, don’t drink or smoke, very cool and calm and have no history for child abuse with my own children from my previous wife. They are all grown up, University Graduates and hold senior professional posts

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